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TWG Tea fine harvest teas are the most excellent, pure, unblended teas from around the world, all hand selected by our tea tasters.

Teas from India, Nepal & Ceylon
Teas from China & Formosa
Teas from Japan, Africa & Others


In China , or tea , has been cultivated by hand for millennia, then picked and processed according to specific techniques. Of all the tea producing countries in the world, China offers the greatest variety, including white teas, green teas, blue teas, black teas, smoked teas, matured teas, compressed teas, flavoured teas and crafted teas. The main tea growing regions are found in the central and southern part of China: Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Fujian, Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan, Henan and Hainan.

Unlike India and Ceylon, where particular teas are labelled with the denomination of the producing estate, Chinese teas are monitored by individuals as well as regional government co-ops, and are consequently named after the specific qualities and flavours of each tea. China houses many hidden tea gardens that produce highly sought-after teas prized by connoisseurs.

Szechwan Yellow Tea

T600 Yellow Tea Buds        
T601 Yellow Gold Tea Buds        

Szechwan Green Tea

T616 Sencha Superior        

Fujian White Tea

T602 Yin Zhen        
T603 Pai Mu Tan        

Fujian Green Tea

T636 Green of Fujian        
Fujian Smoked Tea        
T627 Imperial Lapsang Souchong        

Zhejiang Green Tea

T604 Lung Ching        
T640 Lung Ching Imperial        
T605 Hyson        
T606 Sencha        
T607 Chun Mee        
T608 Jade Dragon        

Anhui Green Tea

T629 Lu An Gua Pian        
T630 Taiping Houkui        

Anhui Black Tea

T631 Imperial Keemun        
Other Provinces Blue Tea        
T612 Kwai Flower Superior        
T613 Se Chung        
T614 Ti Kuan Yin Supreme        

Yunnan Green Tea

T635 Secret Needles        
Yunnan Black Tea        
T617 Yunnan Golden Needles        
T618 Yunnan Amber        
T619 Yunnan FOP        
Yunnan Matured Tea        
T620 Emperor Pu-Erh        
T621 Pu-Erh Camellia        
T622 Pu-Erh of the Night        
T623 Earl Grey Pu-Erh        
T624 Pu-Erh Prestige        
T625 Hidden Pu-Erh        
T637 Imperial Pu-Erh        
T638 Golden Pu-Erh        
T641 Pu-Erh 1993        
T642 Pu-Erh 1998        
T643 Pu-Erh 2000        
Compressed Tea        
T626 Mini Tea Cups        
T644 Chrysanthemum Black Toucha        
T645 Rose Black Toucha        

Jiangsu Green Tea

T632 Pi Lo Chun Imperial        

Hu Bei Green Tea

T633 Xia Zhou Bi Feng        

Hunan Green Tea

T634 Jade Needles        

Hunan Compressed Tea

T639 Golden Gem Tea        

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Tea cultivation in Formosa, otherwise known as Taiwan, commenced a mere two hundred years ago, when the first Camellia sinensis from the Fujian province of China were transplanted in the northern highlands. Due to perfect conditions and an ideal climate, the tea plantations in Formosa flourished, and today, Formosa is renowned for its blue tea.

Blue Tea, Chinese Method

T700 Tung Ting        

Blue Tea, Formosa Method

T702 Grand Oolong Fancy        
T703 Imperial Oolong        

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