Our hand sewn, 100% cotton TWG teabags allow our whole leaf teas to develop their full and unique aroma and give them ample room to expand during infusion.

Early tea tasters, when visiting illustrious tea gardens, used small squares of cotton to carry their tea samples, later infusing them to select the most excellent harvests. In this manner, each tea revealed its character and surrendered its full flavour to the teacup.

In harmony with this great heritage, TWG teabags offer you rare, single estate teas from the most remote and mysterious regions of the world, blended with the finest fruits, flowers and spices to delight the most discerning connoisseurs.

PACKTB6 Royal Darjeeling FTGFOP1        
PACKTB302 Nuwara Eliya OP        
PACKTB501 Harmutty SFTGFOP1        


Yunnan FOP        
PACKTB627 Imperial Lapsang Souchong        
PACKTB802 Emperor Sencha        
PACKTB2003 Vanilla Bourbon Tea        
PACKTB2004 Crème Caramel Tea        
PACKTB3000 Breakfast Earl Grey        
PACKTB3005 French Earl Grey        
PACKTB3007 Earl Grey Buddha        
PACKTB4001 Jasmine Queen Tea        
PACKTB4006 Moroccan Mint Tea        
PACKTB4007 English Breakfast Tea        
PACKTB4021 Singapore Breakfast Tea        
PACKTB6002 Grand Wedding Tea        
PACKTB6003 Comptoir des Indes Tea        
PACKTB6004 Alfonso Tea        
PACKTB6009 Alexandria Tea        
PACKTB6010 Paris-Singapore Tea        
PACKTB6018 Silver Moon Tea        
PACKTB6021 Polo Club Tea        
PACKTB6024 Christmas Lights Tea        
PACKTB6033 1837 Black Tea        
PACKTB6035 Magic Flute Tea        

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