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DFA Design Leadership Award presented to Taha Bouqdib.

The prestigious Design for Asia (DFA) Design Leadership Award pays homage to a global business leader that has used design as a strategy for its success in today’s highly competitive and globalised markets.

The important relationship between strong corporate leadership and design excellence is often underestimated, and this award commends the dedication and achievement of a company that has successfully integrated the two into a single concept. Mr Bouqdib, co-founder and President of TWG Tea was selected for his strategic and effective use of design during a glamorous gala dinner at PMQ in Hong Kong, attended by over 700 illustrious designers from around the globe.

“I am truly honoured to receive this prestigious Design Leadership Award from the Hong Kong Design Centre. I have always believed that design excellence and corporate leadership should be of equal importance in any company, and strongly believe that their integration has been the key to our success at TWG Tea,” said Mr Bouqdib.