Lotus Jade Mooncake Box of 4 (Constellation, Daydream, Cerise & Sunset)



*This order is only available for self-collection in Singapore

Constellation This iconic signature of the mid-autumn festival holds within a golden crust a smooth and elegant Singapore Breakfast Tea infused brown lotus filling, a scattering of roasted melon seeds and an embedded salted egg yolk heart. A timeless favourite. Daydream Wrapped in a perfectly baked bold red crust, this surprising TWG Tea mooncake features a blueberry inflected white lotus paste complemented by a unique almond and blueberry purée heart infused with Red Balloon Tea. Cerise Encased in a golden crust, this exclusive TWG Tea mooncake boasts a luxurious white chocolate & crunchy coconut heart with Amarena cherry surrounded by a brown lotus paste infused with Pu-Erh 2000. Sunset Wrapped in a sumptuous golden baked crust, this exclusive TWG Tea mooncake showcases an aromatic Matcha almond paste centre cradled by a red bean paste scattered with melon seeds.

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