Matcha Nara



This precious TWG Tea powdered tea made of the finest green tea should be prepared according to the ancestral rules of the Cha No Yu tea ceremony, by whipping the tea with hot water in a tea bowl. The thick and frothy infusion yields a rich and subtle chlorophyll aroma with a lingering aftertaste. Net Weight : 40g per sachet
  • Green Teas
1) Place 1 to 2 Chashaku bamboo scoops or 1.5 grams of Matcha Nara into the Rikyu Matcha Tea Bowl. The amount of Matcha Nara used can be adjusted to taste. 2) Pour 5cl of water heated to 80°C into the tea bowl. Never use boiling water. 3) Using the Chasen bamboo whisk, begin whisking the mixture slowly back and forth, and then gradually more briskly, until the mixture is thick and smooth. 4) When the mixture is uniform with no lumps and no tea remaining on the sides of the bowl, add 5cl of water heated to 80°C into the tea bowl and whisk it again until frothy. 5) The tea is now ready to be served.