Race Day Tea Set



Celebrate the Singapore Grand Prix in style with the unique TWG Tea limited edition Race Day Tea Set. This memento of Singapore’s most exhilarating night race contains two exclusive signature TWG Teas: a blend of green tea and black tea to invigorate and enthuse, and a second blend of white tea and green tea, conceived for effervescent evenings of excitement. Both teas are elegantly packaged together in TWG Tea’s signature Haute Couture tins, gift box and elegant sleeve.
  • Net Weight : 2 x 100g
Race Day Tea (Blue) – An enthusiastic combination that embodies energy and vivaciousness. This full-bodied green tea and black tea blend is highlighted by the suave aroma of spices, the tartness of wild berries and fleeting accents of caramel. A tea of anticipation.
Race Day Tea (Black) – Bright intonations of night blooming flowers are combined to yield a unique blend of white tea and green tea. Accented with aromatic plants and woodland fruits, this tea infuses into a gentle, golden coloured cup. An intoxicating drive.
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Pour simmering water over 2.5g of tea leaves per cup and infuse for 3 minutes. Remove leaves and serve.