Yunnan Pu-Erh Tea Brick



This handmade compressed Pu-Erh tea brick is cultivated to order for TWG Tea in a traditional manner by the celebrated Meng Hai tea garden on the misty hillsides of the mountains of Yunnan and boasts large, sundried leaves. Renowned for its refreshing and tonic attributes, this Pu-Erh has the unique particularity of improving with age. Packaged in a luxurious matte red and gold gift box adorned with a silk ribbon, the TWG Tea Pu-Erh Tea Brick is a perfect gift for the Lunar New Year season.
  • Net Weight : 375g
  • Rare & Limited Harvest Teas
  • Matured Teas (Pu-Erh)
Flake tea leaves from the brick. Pour simmering water over 2.5g of tea leaves per cup and infuse for 3-5 minutes. Remove leaves and serve.